TechnoJagat: Your Trusted Partner for Maintenance and Support Services

Enhance system reliability, minimize downtime, and optimize performance with our expert solutions


Proactive Maintenance

At Technojagat you will find Maintenance & Support services are founded on a proactive approach. We understand that preventing issues before they occur is far more cost-effective and beneficial than reacting to problems after the fact. We employ advanced monitoring tools and predictive analysis to identify potential issues and address them before they disrupt your operations.

  • response to reported issues
  • records of past issues and resolutions for analysis.
  • Monitor performance to reduce recurring problems.
  • Prioritize issues on the basis of severity and impact.
  • Implement a change management process to prevent repeated issues.
  • Reactive in nature and aims to restore functionality.

Expert Technical Support

With a team of highly skilled and certified technicians, we offer round-the-clock technical support to ensure your systems are always running at peak performance. Whether you encounter software glitches, hardware malfunctions, or connectivity problems, we're here to provide expert assistance.

  • Provides ongoing assistance and support to users
  • Establish a responsive helpdesk with trained support personnel
  • Document and categorize user issues for trend analysis
  • Implement a ticketing system to track and prioritize requests
  • Provide user training and resources to reduce common inquiries
  • Continuously improve support processes based on feedback

Regular Updates and Upgrades

In the ever-evolving world of technology, staying up to date is crucial. Our Maintenance & Support services include regular updates and upgrades to your software and hardware systems, ensuring you benefit from the latest features, security patches, and efficiency improvements.

  • Ensures software remains up-to-date and secure
  • Includes bug fixes, patches, and feature enhancements
  • Test updates in a controlled environment before deployment
  • Communicate software changes and downtime to users
  • Consider user feedback and needs in the upgrade process
  • Ensure compliance with software licenses and legal requirements

Data Security and Backup

Protecting your data is non-negotiable in the digital age. Our services encompass robust data security and backup measures, safeguarding your critical information from loss, theft, or cyber threats.

  • Develop an equipment inventory and maintenance schedule
  • Conduct regular inspections for signs of wear or damage
  • Implement redundancy and backup systems to minimize downtime
  • Ensure physical security measures are in place and updated
  • Keep spare parts and supplies on hand for quick replacements
  • Document hardware configurations and changes for troubleshooting